Mobile VoIP: How to Guide for your Business Improvement

Mobile VoIP is a new and innovative way of using your mobile phone to make routing calls over the internet instead of using the traditional mobile operators. This is an excellent way to make long distance calls such as international calls with a much lower cost. Moreover, the mobile VoIP works anywhere you have access to the internet via Wi-Fi or 3G networks. Today the availability of wireless connectivity is on the rise, and this allows users to make either free or VoIP rate calls from their home, office, public areas as well as areas with commercial hotspots such as airports, coffee shops, hotels, etc.

How does Mobile VoIP Works?

Our Mobile VoIP works service with any mobile phone that has 3G, 4G, GSM, as well as any other internet service to send the voice calls as digital signals over the voice over the internet IP technology. It also uses the Wi-Fi hotspots as a way to minimize the calling costs of a data plan or cellular voice. Today, several technologies have made it possible to integrate a mobile handset into a VoIP network.

For instance, one of the technologies used will turn the mobile device into a SIP session initiation protocol) client. When this is done, this technology makes use of the data network to send and receive the SIP messaging. For the voice path, it utilized the data network to send and receive RTP (Real Time Transport Protocol).

While using the above technology, the handset needs to support the IP communication with the minimal possible capability. This technology allows the SIP to be used over any broadband IP-capable wireless network connection including 3G, EVDO Rev A as well as Wi-Fi.

Another technology used has a soft switch like the gateway that is utilized in bridging the SIP and the RTP into SS7 (Signaling System No. 7) mobile network infrastructure. In this way, the advanced SIP-based service controls the SIP application, allowing fast and convenient communication. During the exchange of communication, the voice signal is normally converted into data packets, travel through the VoIP platform and finally converted to a voice at the receiving end.

What are the functions of Mobile VoIP?

If you have been using the VoIP service using your computer, you may be reluctant to switch to mobile VoIP because you are afraid of sacrificing some of the features using currently. However, switching to our mobile VoIP service allows you to use the same features plus a few new additions. We provide the state of the art mobile VoIP services enabling you to cut down the voice and text messaging with the traditional phone service providers. With our service, you can transfer calls to/from tour mobile device to any destination across the world. You can also benefit from call waiting and call ID the same way you do use a traditional phone service.

You will still enjoy the great features that you enjoy using PC based VoIP including call forwarding, call blocking as well as voicemail capability. Some of the other functions that come with the mobile VoIP include do not disturb mode, remote account registration, call-parking function, follow me function and much more.

These are some of the functions that we have selected from a pool of many other helpful solutions that we have implemented at our Mobile VoIP business. Both the business users as well as residential users can use these functions to improve the efficiency, quality and the overall communication.

Different Call Types of Mobile VoIP

Our Mobile VoIP service offers you with three call options. Here are the three options that you can get from our Mobile VoIP app.

VoIP call

The VoIP call is the standard calling option that lets you to be connected to your co-workers, friends, or family right away. To use this call option you just need to have a 3G or Wi-Fi connection that is working. One of the benefits of using this option is that it is charged using the normal rates of the VoIP brands.

Call back

In case you are using an internet connection that is not very strong, using our call back option will help you to stay in touch with your clients, friends, and family. Using our Mobile VoIP software, it is easy to set up the Call Back call using a weak 3G or Wi-Fi connection. This option will also allow you to use as little data as possible to set up the call. To do this, you need to set up a call to your phone and then connect you with your contacts. The charges here are both the A-side and B-side call and a small set up fee.

Local access

Our third option is the local access. We have established local access phone numbers in different countries all over the world. Individuals with a weak 3G network or unreliable Wifi you can utilize our local access line by simply selecting the local access from our app interface, and you will be automatically connected through one of the in-country local access lines. With this option, you are charged for the local call plus the tariff of the destination that you are calling. It is good to note that our local access numbers are only available in the select country.

Text messages

Our app has made international text messaging easier and affordable. This service is very helpful especially if you want to give your clients or family members quick updates without actually speaking with them.

Supported VoIP Brands

With over sixty supported VoIP brands, we pride ourselves as one of the best companies that offer the users with the flexibility of choosing their preferred brands. Here is a list of all the supported VoIP brands.

• Actionvoip

• 12VoIP

• Budget VoipCall

• Browser Calls

• CallEasy

• Calling CardBuster

• Call Pirates

• Calling Credit

• CheapVoip

• CheapBuzzer

• Cosmo VoIP

• DialNow

• DialCheap

• DiscountVoip

• DiscountCalling

• EasyVoip

• Free VoipDeal

• FreeCall

• Frynga

• HotVoip

• GlobalFreecall

• Internet calls

• Jumbo

• InterVoip

• JustVoip

• Low rate VoIP

• MexicoBarato

• MegaVoip

• Netappel

• NairaCalls

• PanggilanMalaysia

• Nonoh

• PinoyDialer

• PennyConnect

• PowerVoip

• poivY

• Rynga

• RebVoice

• SIPDiscount

• SMS Discount


• SmartVoip

• Telbo

• StuntCalls

• VoipBlazer

• Voipblast

• VoIP busterPro

• VoipBuster

• VoIPCheap

• VoipCaptain

• VoipChief

• VoipCheap

• VoipGain

• VoipDiscount

• VoipMove

• VoipJumper

• VoipR

• VoipSmash

• VoipStunt

• VoipWise

• VoipRaider

• VoipZoom

• VoipYo

• WebCall Direct

How to Troubleshoot Technical Issues in Mobile VoIP

Registering, making, or receiving problems arise when there is an issue with the mobile device. Additionally, your router’s firewall may be blocking some functions of the VoIP feature of the mobile phone. To resolve this problem, try using these solutions on your mobile device before checking on your router firewall. Implement each change one at a time and restart the phone each time a change is made.

Method 1: Checking your Mobile device

Step 1: Ensure that you are using the latest firmware for your phone. If you need to upgrade it, make sure you backup all your data to be on the safe side. By just upgrading your phone firmware, you can solve very many VoIP issues.

Step 2: Enter all the VoIP setting including your password, account number, and the domain name properly

Step3: Ensure that your mobile phone can connect to a 3G or Wi-Fi connection. Remember, the VoIP does not work when your device is connected over EDGE internet connection. Moreover is also crucial to select the exact wireless LAN connection name at SIP Settings similar to one using to connect to the internet while using your Smartphone.

Step4: In case you find that your device can’t register to our server, enter the proxy setting that is similar to the registrar server setting and then retry

Step 5: If you find that, your phone is already registered with the servers, but it is still having trouble when making calls, delete the SIP profile. Try to reconfigure the SIP profile using IP address available at our SIP server.

Method 2: Diagnosing the router firewall

If none of the above solutions is working, check whether your router firewall is blocking certain operations. Use the following instructions to rectify the problem.

First, it is good to understand that if you have placed the VoIP telephone at the back a router or a combined router/modem, some of these issues may arise.

• The VoIP light may go out constantly

• You will have trouble when you try to make outbound calls

• Incoming calls go to voicemail directly without the phone ringing

• Calls have a limited duration

• Bad signal where you can’t hear the other person clearly


Step 1: check whether there are changes in the internet connectivity settings

Step 2: ensure the firmware on the router is up to date. If not make, sure you upgrade it.

Step 3: Turn your firewall off completely and then restart your router and the VoIP device. Retry making or receiving calls. If you can make calls after disabling the firewall, then know that there was an issue with the firewall configuration. You can carry on using the router with the firewall disabled

Step 4: If you want to enable the firewall, you can do this by enabling the DMZ feature on the router. This will allow the firewall to open for one specific host. For you to enable the DMZ, you need to find out the IP address or host. You can do this by login into your router and check the connected devices. This will let you know the inner IP address or the host information.

If the problem persists, you can consult our customer desk to get technical assistance.

Mobile Top up

The mobile top-up service wills aloe you to top up the credit of another mobile phone belonging to your friend or family member. For you to do this, click on the account option and follow the instructions. Some of the crucial information to know about this service includes:

• The Mobile top up is only available in select countries

• You can only use this service to transfer credit to prepaid phones

• You must have enough credit in your VoIP account for you to top up another prepaid phone

Additional information

When you enter a number, which is not a prepaid phone, or a number that is not valid, the transaction will not go through. Check to confirm the number before trying it again. Our company does not charge anything for an unsuccessful transaction. However, in any case, that the transaction did not go through and you were credited, contact us immediately for a refund.

How to Buy Credit for iPhone

To purchase credit for your iPhone, please visit the VoIP provider that you choose (usually any of the supported brands) and log in to the appropriate website. Click the buy credit icon and select the amount you want to purchase.

How to recharge mobile VoIP

For your convenience, we have included various payment options. You just need to select the preferred mode of payment and recharge your account. You can use the following modes of payment

• Credit card

• PayPal

• Reseller

• Paysafecard


• Skrill / MoneyBookers

• Reseller Voucher

• MisterCash

• PayByPhone

• CashU Directpay voucher

• CashU

• PostEPay Credit card

• Sofort

• Bank transfer

• MultiBanco

Just in case you made a payment, and we did not get it, please contact us and input all the details of the payment for us to investigate and correct this issue. We may ask you for a screenshot or scan of bank statement showing the payment to help our agent to trace the payment and add the credit to your account promptly.

Make Free Calls with Mobile VoIP

By using our VoIP service, you can make calls to your friends and family free of charge. Most of the latest Smartphones have been primarily set up to support Internet calls. Using our services is also faster when transmitting the digital data as the data is normally spread over multiple packets, where each of them will take the fastest route to reach its intended destination. On the other hand, when using our mobile VoIP with access to Wi-Fi will also reduce the costs of the mobile VoIP phone user by sidestepping the expensive 3G service from the cellular carrier. For example, if you subscribe to a cellular carrier monthly data plan, most people easily exceed the bandwidth maximums, and this automatically results to incurring overage charges. However, if you use the mobile VoIP phones to tap into the Wi-Fi hotspots, you can reduce the risks of exceeding the bandwidth maximums. Here are some of the technologies that have made this possible.


WI-FI that was being utilized very rarely is now becoming very popular because of its fast wireless internet. Latest Smartphones contains the Wi-Fi feature that allows you to access the internet conveniently. You can access it through various hotspots including hotels, schools, airports, restaurants, and many other public places. Today some mobile service providers are offering access to voice calls through the Smartphone’s Wi-Fi feature, allowing you to use VoIP. These mobile service providers may provide a certain package that has a hotspot call plan for an additional fee per month. This includes both the local calls as well as international calls.

Wi-Fi enabled mobile phones

The latest mobile phones, which are Wi-Fi enabled, can now connect to the online community with built-in apps such as Skype. You can use Skype Vyke, or Truphone to make local and international calls free. Although there will be no monthly charges, you are required to use Skyeout credits for outbound calls as well as Skypein credits for inbound calls.

The best thing about the Mobile VoIP service is that it brings VoIP to almost all the mobile phones available on the market regardless of the operating systems. It works on Android phones, iPhone, Windows phones, as well as phones using the Symbian operating system.

How to get Mobile VoIP Credit

Getting the mobile VoIP credit is easy. You can buy the credit as soon as you have completed registering your account. When you log in into your account, you will be prompted to see the list of the supported brands. Click on the brand you have chosen, and this will redirect you to the correct website. Here you will see the buy tab for you to select an amount from the list as well as choose the payment method you would want to use.

After selecting the payment method, you need to click on the next button for you to finalize the payment steps. If the payment is successful, the amount paid will reflect on my account area. You will also find an email notification confirming the payment details after it has been processed.

As previously mentioned is you make a payment, and for any reason, it does not reflect on your account, please contact us through our contact page and indicate that the credit has not been added to your balance. Please provide us with as much information as possible for us to track the payment. Please include the amount, payment method used as well as proof of payment to speed up the process.

Mobile VoIP Call Rates

Our rates are reasonable to fit the needs of both residential users and business users. We also make sure that we only charge you for what you have used. We offer different plans that suit your needs in every step of the way. For instance, pay as you go plan is beneficial to both business and residential user in a number of ways. For instance, as a residential user, you are not required to pay the total monthly fee even in the situations where you are not using your phone services for instance when you are on vacation. Additionally, as a business professional, it does not make any sense to purchase unlimited calling services especially if you do not make many calls.

We have no hidden costs

Most of the VOIP service providers will cost more money than indicated because of the hidden fees. In any case, you will find paying extra due to the hidden cost. However, with us, you will never have to pay any extra fee.

Additionally, if you do not have a high-speed internet connection or you simply do not want to use the virtual number with a VoIP service we also offer call forwarding service to any landline or mobile phone in the world. When you activate this feature, you will pay the forwarding fee, which is similar to the rates we charge to calling the same destination.

With our service, you do not have to worry about set-up or cancellation fee, monthly fee, taxes or any hidden taxes.

Project Growth Rate of Mobile VoIP in the next two Years

According to from a new report from TMR the compound annual growth rate of the Mobile VoIP market is expected to be 9.7 between 2017 and 2020. Its popularity has continued to grow exponentially and has become a preferable replacement for most individuals who were relying on the analog landlines. By the year 2020, the market will generate about $137 billion annually making a significant increase when compared with the year 2013 where it generated $71 billion in spending all over the world. The report also indicates that the VoIP subscriber will surpass 348 million mark in the next 2 and half years. This leaves plenty of room for expansion beyond the year 2020 because of the swelling number of users.

According to analysts, the increase in ownership of Smartphones has also played a major role in boosting the VoIP growth. Currently, many VoIP companies are dedicated to handling the phone to computer connectivity with business and residential users adopting this system to lower the costs of international and local voice calls. Additionally, by 2020 it is estimated that more than two-thirds of VOIP users will take the advantage of the mobile VoIP to make long distance often calls to international territories in order to cut down the cost associated with making international calls using a legacy landline service.

Although the mobile operators still have resistance when it comes to the use of VoIP services, experts believe that this stance will not last for long. In conclusion, we can say that everyone needs a Mobile VoIP in his or her daily activities. This will not make it easier to communicate with clients, friends, and family all over the world but also only cut down the cost of international calls.