Five Ways to Increase Productivity with VoIP

The aim of businesses regardless of the type and size is to generate profits. There are several ways by which this goal can be attained such as improving the efficiency of your workforce, decreasing overhead spending as well as waste. However, an ideal way to achieve this would simply be to increase productivity in your place of business. The use of voice over IP (VoIP) telephony is a good way of doing this but one that is often overlooked by most people.


Many businesses are not aware of the full capabilities of VoIP technology despite the fact that it has been in use for quite some time now. Furthermore, there is a misconception that VoIP systems meant for telecommunications cost a lot to purchase, to manage and even to maintain. The truth of the matter is that companies can purchase private branch exchange services that they require with the help of business VoIP systems. This does not need any additional telecommunications hardware or equipment. Businesses are also able to easily add employees and locations. This is inclusive of the employees that work from home so long as they have access to a high-speed Internet connection.


Convenient Voicemail:


Voicemail was designed as a convenient technique to guarantee that individuals never miss important phone calls. However, voicemail has the potential of wasting time instead of saving it. For instance, employees with both a mobile phone as well as an office phone are highly likely to have 2 voicemail accounts. This means that these people have to maintain messages on the two lines, retrieve them and sort them out. Furthermore, employees that hold numerous positions or assume several roles at the workplace usually have voice mails for every account. Ultimately, it results in many messages from numerous voicemail accounts. This is where VoIP comes in by offering an array of solutions to the voicemail issues.


VoIP just has one mailbox that is capable of retrieving many messages from different locations and even consolidating messages into a single voicemail account. There is a voicemail-to-email option that coverts voice mails to emails that are directly sent to the inbox of the user.


Simpler Accessibility:


Many studies indicate that a significant number of tele-Communicating employees operate for 5- 7 additional hours every week compared to their counterparts stationed at the office. In fact, most companies are keen to hire home-based employees. VoIP facilitates full time access for such employees. Furthermore, VoIP systems enable regular workforce employees to have access to information on different occasions i.e. on vacation, on business, while training or travelling. The full-time access allows employees and the company to connect as well as for clients and employees to connect thus eliminating existing gaps in service.


Better Client Relations:


Analog or traditional phone systems have experienced tremendous growth in such a way that they have incorporated useful tools that reduce effort and save time. Business calls have been made more efficient and easier with the help of tools like redial, hold, mute, call forwarding and call waiting. However, businesses grow in tandem with their needs. VoIP is able to meet the expectation of both customers and employees and eve exceed it. Productivity can be enhanced by several options engrained in the VoIP system such as automatic call forwarding, improved telecommunications and advanced voicemail.


Enhanced Office Collaboration:


VoIP services is unparalleled with regard to connecting clients with business as well as businesses with their customers. In addition, it can facilitate collaboration at the office. This means that companies no longer require a separate service to connect different departments, employees to utilize special equipment or an extended workforce. VoIP can connect every member of the company over a single network thus facilitating shared-screen sessions and video conferences. Another way by which business productivity can be enhanced by VoIP is improved office collaboration.


Saving Money:


One of the major benefits that VoIP offers businesses is financial savings. However, it is also a manner by which productivity can be enhanced by VoIP. For instance, investment in VoIP systems has the potential of translating to few hires. This means that the current workforce can paid a much higher rate by the businesses they work for. There is dramatic increase in productivity from employees who feel valued. Furthermore, the financial savings can be used in purchasing more software to replace old equipment and hardware. Alternatively, it can be used to pay for training or additional services.




VoIP services can increase productivity in several ways without extra expense. Increased productivity positively affects revenue, profits as well as the company growth.