The Link Between VoIP and Customer Satisfaction


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No business can make good progress without providing excellent customer service. The current business environment shows that all successful businesses go an extra mile in customer satisfaction. Potential and existing customers can be won over if telephone queries are handled efficiently. VoIP telephone system might just be what you need to take your business to the next level. Here is why,

Customize your Customer’s Call

This advanced VoIP telephone system allows you to integrate it with the CRM (customer relationship management) software. Information about every department in your organization is linked to the call. When a customer calls, the telephone operator is given present-day information on the customer. This makes the call friendly and efficient as the operator is aware of the customer’s preferences, contact details, and purchase history. This will account for quick resolutions of issues and better communication.

Cut Down on Call Waiting

Customers can easily get irritated if they have to wait for some time before talking to an operator. This will eventually harm your business. The VoIP system allows you to expand capacity using a web portal instead of waiting for engineers to attend. This will result in an increased number of telephone lines within your business, thereby minimizing call waiting times and even the costs. If waiting cannot be avoided, your customers can be kept busy with recorded messages, music or even details of special offers. You can also take this avenue to let the customers know more about your business.

Connect Customer to Correct Department/Person

Your customer needs to be connected directly to the person who can deal with their query. If the customer keeps being sent to and fro between departments, they might decide to run to a competitor. A cutting-edge routing system can channel a call to the most fitting person within the organization. The routing system simply uses the customer’s preferences or a predefined set of rules. The automated call forwarding allows for fast telephone experience for the customers. With VoIP, additional callers from different locations can join in on the conversation.

Concentrate on Customer Trends and Queries

The sophisticated VoIP phone system is capable of storing information about previous customer interactions and generating trends. VoIP utilizes voice recognition to come up with key questions and trends. This will allow you to be prepared for the most frequent concerns and queries. You will also be able to address systematic failure within your business before any critical damage is done.

Convey News and Special Offers

Advanced VoIP systems have text messaging (SMS) capabilities that can give you the upper hand in your marketing and customer service endeavors. You can convey a message about special offers or a new service that you intend to launch. You can also communicate any issue or misunderstanding with a specific group of customers. SMS messages are very effective and fast as they have a high opening rate.

There you have it. VoIP system can go a long way in helping any kind of organization to enhance their customer service levels. VoIP is cheap, easy to implement, and definitely the future of business telephone communications. please contact Bridgei2p, will provide Free demo and consultation for your business needs

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