We are living in a dynamic and modern society where most of our operations rely on internet-based systems. Thus there is great need for an online business to have an effective Enterprise Content Distribution Network (CDN) which is bound to create a seamless interconnection between the servers and the content being marketed. At first, one needs to understand what is meant by Content Delivery Network (also known as Enterprise Content Distribution Network) and how it operates.

What is CDN?

Apparently, Content Distribution Network can be simply defined as the system where different servers are placed in the entire globe in a strategic manner with the aim of managing and boosting the performance of different contents in the websites. In most cases, CDN is bound to bring about efficiency in relation to quick operations, scaling and ranking improvements and even facilitating accessibility of a particular website.

Operation of CDN

When it comes to the operation of CDN, the aspect of distance is very crucial. This is because the distance is a great contributing factor to the loading time that will be taken in relation to the proximity of the point of presence (POP). Being one of the most preferred CDN providers Bangalore we are ready to offer Enterprise Content Delivery Network solutions that can perfectly meet the intended needs of our clients.

Our Concern

One critical thing that we take into account involves improvement of our users’ experience by facilitating routing of the servers to a close point of presence which in turn come with some benefits; they include low latency levels, faster loading and reduced package loss. This operation is facilitated for different software deliveries, web data, CMS, apps, eCommerce, live streaming advertisements, on-demand video streaming, blogs and even for online games.

As the most sorted CDN providers Bangalore, we take great consideration in providing fair treatment to our customers. This is why we provide the cheapest CDN solutions that enable businesses to cut down their operational costs. Besides, a high quality service in relation to Enterprise Content Distribution Network is guaranteed; this makes businesses to improve their scalability with absolute ease.

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Why Choose Us?

Being one of the most efficient and trusted CDN Providers Bangalore, we focus on providing the Enterprise Content Distribution Network that brings utmost satisfaction to our clients. We offer simplified and cheapest CDN solutions that can assist our clients in easy scalability and improvement in acceleration process. This has made our services to be sorted by different startups, developers and agencies. We are fully committed in enhancing our users’ experience and boosting their online content and their businesses.

Our Services

  • Total Optimization
    As the providers of CDN services Bangalore, we understand the great essence of incredible optimization level in the websites of our clients. Thus we ensure that we provide TCP stack that is highly optimized and a complete SSD coverage that will enhance faster optimization of different websites. Some of the benefits associated with high optimization include:Seamless Scalability.
    Through providing the cheapest CDN solutions, our users will just use their current infrastructure and offload the entire traffic for us to scale up to the right level.
  • Guaranteed security
    We facilitate efficient data encryption that the users can be guided on how perform different security settings configuration. The setup is absolutely simple and any upgrades are immediately updated. For instance our users can apply custom SSL to ensure that their sites remain protected.
  • Dependable
    We take into account point of presence and thus facilitate different requests to the nearest location. This is to ensure that our users are well-interconnected to our servers without any strain.
  • Efficient website performance
    With the aim of boosting our Enterprise Content Delivery Network, we consider the distance from our customers to the servers. The shorter the distance, the better it is. Through high optimization, the users can enjoy reduced latency, low packet loss and faster content loading in their website.
  • Entire Global Network
    Apparently, our Global Network has been developed with the aid of IP Anycast which has incorporated the technology that manages latency during the routing process. This network is also meant to enhance scalability and great performance and speedy loading of content. Besides, we ensure that hops that can be identified between ISP are minimized so as to ultimately obtain reduced latency in our entire global network.
  • Seamless Integration with user platform
    We are dedicated to offer an easy and simple perfect integration of our user’s sites with content management systems like Jumla, Drupal, WordPress, Prestasho, Magento among others.
  • Additional great features
    In order to improve the efficiency of our Enterprise Content Delivery Network, there are different powerful component that are integrated into our network. They include;
    Powerful management dashboard -enables easy configuration of customers’ zones and provide general overview of all activities. It incorporates intuitive user interface, two-factor authentication, View Invoices, Multiple FTP-user accounts, API, Account Access rules among others’
  • Real-time CDN stats that provide overall performance reports.
  • Video Advertising support-facilitates monetization of videos with the use of ads.
  • File distribution breakdown- classifies different tasks according to their type, status and size.
  • UploadCare -for cropping and modifying images.
  • Optimus API – This is meant to facilitate image optimization.
  • Instant purge- This involves quick purging of single files located in a particular cache.
  • HTTP/2- for easy tracking and loading.
  • RESTful API-This enables users to perfectly manage different resources and take full control of their CDN. This may involves deleting, creating and updating resources.

Besides, we offer great support to management console, invalidation, customer error responses, support for cookies, dynamic content, geo-targeting and access logs among many others.

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