Boost sales and outbound efficiency with our predictive dialing systems

Tired of manually calling clients to push products and achieve target sales? Then predictive dialing systems are the key to help you manage your outbound calls.

What is predictive dialing?

It is the process of automatically making an outbound call to clients using a predictive dialer provided by a specific vendor. Having an active CRM system can also effectively help sell a product while storing clients’ important information on the system.

Predictive dialer is a system, commonly used in call center industries, which makes outbound calls easier by automatically dialing a list of numbers already stored on the system. This connects the agents or telemarketers to actual customers and can help screen unwanted communications such as busy signals, disconnected calls, or redirects to voicemail machines.
There are a number of predictive dialing systems that can be used but the ultimate key is knowing what your company needs and choosing the most suitable dialer for you and your team.

The use of predictive dialing systems can save a lot of time compared to manual dialing. It routinely dials a number listed on the system and it computes the standard duration of a call and the average amount of dialing attempts that can help agents transition from one call to another.

Although some are hesitant to use dialers due to the difficulty in setting the whole system up, the technical aspect required and the fairly expensive cost.

Most companies involved in sales, marketing, customer service and collections are the main clients for predictive dialing companies. There have been reports of high-level success rate from companies who opted to use dialer systems which resulted to an increase in agent’s target quota and overall performance.

There are different types of dialers to choose from such as Click-to-call, Click-to-Dial, Preview dialer, Power dialer, Progressive Dialer, Auto dialers, Manual dialer, Live Conversation Automation, and the Predictive dialer.

The Click-to-call type of dialer helps store the important information on the system by clients who request a return call from an agent.

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Click-to-Dial permits agents to make a call without manually dialing the customer’s number.

Preview dialers help agents sneak or keep track of the contact details of the customers before making an actual call. It can help agents decide whether to continue with the call or move on to the next customer.

Power dialers make automated outbound calls normally instigated by the customers until an agent is available to take the call.
Progressive dialers transmit the caller’s information to the agent using the system. Agents have the chance to view the information but totally have no control with the call so they are not allowed to just drop the call.

Auto dialer is another type of automated software that automatically dials customers’ numbers. Once the calls have been answered, the dialer will either play a pre-recorded message or automatically transfers your call to an agent.

A manual dialer is most simple type of dialing system where the agent just manually picks up the phone and dials the customer’s number. This is considered the most basic and the most commonly used type of dialer especially by small call center businesses.

Live Conversation Automation is a type of dialer which incorporates the use of agents and quick call-transfer options to bring clear conversations to the caller.

Predictive dialers make a large number of calls and stored a large number of contact information from clients on the system. This call is automatically transferred to a lot of different agents but only one agent will take the call. Predictive dialers are quite expensive compared t other dialers but are worth the money.

Most companies especially those who are engaged in telemarketing, sales and collections will do whatever it takes to boost productivity. First thing is to know what is predictive dialing and the best dialer well-matched for the company’s needs. Second is to determine what predictive dialer companies can best meet those needs.

One of the leading established VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) solutions and distributor of VoIP reputable brands like Cisco, Linksys and Grandstream Inc, Bridgei2p Solutions is the best option used by most companies today to save on International Long Distance call charges. They also specialize in Video Conferencing Solutions (Panasonic).

A contact center software providers and one of the most outstanding predictive dialing companies worldwide is Bridgei2p. Options such as call recording for manager to track the agents’ performance, ability to cover inbound and outbound calls, e-mails and social media into one single device or program is impressive as well as the changeable feature and overall sound quality is superb.

Due to the automated dialing feature which screens calls, agents can improve their productivity by increasing more talk time with prospect clients and diminish dead time. Some of the advantages of using Bridgei2p dialer system is the way it combines the CRM and the client information before passing the actual call to an agent.

This platform is not just easy to use but is also perfect for those in contact solutions or customer service industry. Using Bridgei2p also enables you to control and manage the technical side of the business. Most agents also enjoy the customization option which helps in high volume calls.

We also offers extensive training for clients through an account representative. These representatives will provide 24/7 assistance for the first few months of the contract. They provide assistance in terms of mapping connectors to CRM and data transfers. They also provide a brief background and explain what is predictive dialing and will encourage you to complete online training courses.

Our predictive dialers also automatically reviews an account, saves all the necessary data, and view any past records. Aside from excellent performance, Bridgei2p’s support team operates very fast and can be regularly contacted for help. They are very quick to respond and can be reached any time of the day. If you’re worn-out with all the technical support issues and teams you have encountered in the past, first-time users will be surprised with Bridgei2p support team’s response time.

If you want the most economical product that is perfect for any company who aims to improve agents’ performance and increase target sales without technical issues, and to keep track of calls and clients’ information and resolutions, then Bridgei2p Predictive dialers, in association with Bridgei2p, which brings the world’s best predictive dialer technologies to the forefront, are the best options for innovative companies today.

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