Bridgei2p is an email marketing agency in Bangalore. We have experience in both B2C and B2B and have the skills and personnel to create effective email campaigns. We are an email service provider, and email is part of our daily activities. We will be there for you in the entire process, from strategy, creating, building and finally an analysis of your marketing objectives and goals leading to the right results.

New Customer Engagement Strategies

When you are in the possession of a good service or product, you will always be inclined to share it with everyone, allowing both current and potential customers to know what you have on offer. In this regard, we want to provide an opportunity for you to interact more with your customers, establish a relationship with them and even be in constant touch so that they are always aware of your existence, and how important you are to them. Email marketing in a unique strategy that allows you to achieve this. It acts as an amplifier and delivers accurate and updated marketing information at the right time. Bridgei2p will offer you the email marketing solutions that you have always wanted.

Our managed email marketing service in Bangalore gives you the ability to interact and communicate with your customer, and should be an essential part of your online marketing strategy. Bridgei2p is one of the email marketing companies in Bangalore that will offer you these services.

Bridgei2p’s self-service allows to create and manage your personal marketing campaigns. It is a cost-efficient solution that has several features and is simple to use. We offer training and support for the service, and you can rest assured that your email campaign will be beneficial. Self-service customers can easily strategies, create and send direct email campaigns with reporting and tracking. Whether you want to send a promotional campaign, newsletter or even a transactional message, you can rely on our solutions to achieve it. It does not require knowledge in HTML as we are using a simple drag and drop editor. The cost will depend on the number of emails you have sent.

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Managed Service:

Since we have the experts and experience in email, you can be assured that the email advertising would be fruitful.

  • Full service
    We offer comprehensive services for you. You can outsource your campaign management, and this allows you to concentrate on other aspects of your business. Meanwhile, we will create, test and implement your email marketing campaign. We can handle all elements of the camping from the data used, interacting and testing. You will also have a dedicated account manager who will assist you through the entire process. We can maximize you email advertising campaigns.
  • Email templates
    It can be quite difficult to create an appealing and responsive email template. However, we can guarantee you that we will provide email templates that meet your brand guidelines, and will look appealing on mobile devices and email clients.
  • Strategy
    Among out employees are industry experts who have the experience in email marketing. They are professionals who will assist you in everything involving email marketing. It can entail one-off campaigns or yearly managed email marketing service in Bangalore. Our representatives will be in a position to provide you with the best recommendations based on their experience and practice.
  • Data management
    An effective email advertising campaign relies on the data used. We have data experts who will assist you with getting the most out of your data. Due to experience, we are aware that data is often accessed from various sources. It needs validation and combination to ensure that it attains the best results. Essentially, this is just one of the ways in which we manage your data. We have professionals in data analysis and relation databases.
  • Design and bespoke development
    Email is the basis of everything we are involved with. However, there are sophisticated databases and websites which rely on email to ensure that the campaign engages users and achieves the require results. We can leverage this relationship to your advantage.


We also offer automation services to improve your marketing strategy. Online, about two-thirds of shopping carts are abandoned. Our software will automatically allow you to send pictures of the abandoned products to clients, and it links it back to your site within minutes. This uses your ESP and allows the customers to click and purchase the abandoned shopping cart item.

we offer triggered campaigns. You can send campaigns at an optimal time that would ensure customers open them. This avoids the costs of analytics to ascertain the best time to send. The click through rate for triggered campaigns is twice as much in comparison to blast and batch campaigns.

We also offer automated browse abandonment recovery. It is applicable for clients who miss the shopping cart, such as those who browse on other devices without sign the cart, and then they make a purchase in a different device. This ensures that the clients will still buy the products despite the devices they are using.

Our automation software also caters to behavioral content. It involves analysis of what a user is doing on the website, their browsing patterns, transaction history, the products they have carted or abandoned. This behaves like a crowd-source content and allows you to define the trending and hot product on your website quickly. We are an email service provider that enables you to segment your customers based on browsing behavior in real time. You can combine the analytics from the email campaigns with real-time analytics on your e-commerce website.


Linking your email marketing to CRM allows you to improve the efficiency. It enables you to understand your customer relationship. We have an out of the box integration solutions, and they are easy to implement. We offer some of the leading CRM solutions to import and sync content and data and provide results to close the data loop. If you cannot find a direct interaction, then you can use our extensive API to achieve it, and you can also request us for custom integration services. You can rely on our managed email marketing service in Bangalore.

Why choose Bridgei2p?

If you are looking for an email marketing companies in Bangalore?, then we are the best choice for you. We have an established track record of proving profitable and fruitful email marking campaigns. From tracking valuable metrics, to targeting your clients with marketing information and best design practices, it is our focus on detail and the experience to provide an end-to-end service that makes us a leading email marketing agency Bangalore.Get started with our services

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