What makes us the best IP PBX service providers in Bangalore

If you are currently looking for a solution that connects your phones using a set number of lines to any public telephone network, you have come to the right place. At Bridge i2p, our team of specialists will get your new voip PBX phone system up and running so you can start using it within your company immediately.

Without this innovative system in place, your phone would have to resort to connecting to one network at a time. That’s why IP PBX is so efficient, it can not only complete the essential things you need to run your business from day to day such as leaving voicemails and forwarding calls, it also offer companies much more.This business phone system is therefore the central switching system for your company. It is the gateway between you and the people who you regularly handle business transactions with over the phone.

PBX, also known as Private Branch Exchange, has been around for decades. However it has developed significantly since the early 1900’s. As we are one of the top IP PBX service providers in Bangalore, our team know these systems inside out and therefore we can ensure you get everything you need once it’s in place.

The benefits of using us as your IP PBX service providers

We will help in connecting you to the outside world and keep your business running smoothly. By setting up two essential elements, lines and stations, PBX works to connect you to the worldwide public telephony network. This is not only limited to phones either but you will also have access to different models, faxes and credit card facilities. Therefore the way you operate your business will expand dramatically as you choose us as your main IP PBX service providers in Bangalore.
It is essentially the upgraded version of a switchboard. Since the switchboards evolution, IP PBX technology has come into place and revolutionized how businesses conduct their communications. It has largely been responsible for, connecting you to the right people.

Due to the increasing demands in the world of business, you have to step up and implement technologies that foster quick and effective communication.

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How has the system evolved?

Today, the switchboard model has been dramatically revolutionized. As new technologies came into place the IP PBX phone system can now achieve all the essentials from voice messaging to holding conferences with multiple parties and holding calls in a que. The voip PBX phone system has also made it possible to connect over the internet making the possibilities of effortless communication even more possible.

The advanced system has also kept up with the times. Consumers and business people rely more heavily on emails, text messaging, instant messaging and video calls even more these days. This means it has become even more important to unify communications. Therefore, being one of the most trustworthy IP PBX service providers in Bangalore, our service seeks to integrate the latest technology with your business processes. This ensures your communication is highly efficient which in turn makes it easier for the staff and management.

Essential features in the IP PBX phone system

We only work with systems that are VoIP ready which is suited to the telephony world that is swiftly moving away from the traditional PSTN and more towards VoIP.

You get advanced features such as voice messaging. This necessary feature has become increasingly more important and it even comes with the added option of attaching a voice message to an email.

Easier for reporting purposes: with the voip PBX phone system you have the option of getting those all-important measuring features. This will help you to generate reports and move forward with your business.

Effective conferencing: the PBX system makes holding conferences with key clients and prospective customers effortless. You can cut out valuable time and expenses by staying in your office instead of travelling to meet clients. You also get more than a basic three way call but you can choose multiple party conferences.

Why choose Bridge i2p as your IP PBX service providers in Bangalore?

Our professionals have years of experience in the industry and can connect you to the powerful systems that build a stable and effective telephone system in your company. We incorporate the more technically advanced features to give you the full benefit of all that can be gained when installing the voip PBX phone system. You get extra features such as intercom calls, multi-party conferences, call ques, automated attendants, voicemail and much more.

Because the technology we tap into is far more advanced than traditional protocals, we can ensure your company has the best telephone standards in place. Because it differs drastically from older models, you can get a communication technology that stands the test of time. As the set-up is initially technical and involves multiple steps, our expert team members will be there every step of the way during the installation process.

You have various different solutions to choose from and can start from the ground up to build your perfect IP PBX phone system. You won’t need regular upgrades either. As the new and improved technology operates much more efficiently you will already have futureproof features at your fingertips.

Being one of the most competent IP PBX service providers, you can rest assured that you will have control over how your phone system operates. There’s plenty of room for personalization so you can create the perfect solution for you company. Even if you have any special conditions, we can seek to tailor the system to match your needs.

We hope we have covered all of your queries around choosing the right PBX telephone system for your company. It’s essential to tap into the best resource and technology possible to ensure optimal communication is at the center of your business. If you want to find out more, our team is ready and willing to help you explore your options.

So contact us today to discuss the possibilities of Bridge i2p supplying your IP PBX phone system solutions.

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