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Bridgei2p (Tata Teleservices Ltd) PRI has total of 32channels. 2 are data channels and 30 are bearer channels. From this, a 2048 Kbps is created which makes it possible to use it for different kinds of applications. These applications include the following which have been listed;

  • Data transfer at high speed
  • Leased line backup
  • High end voice communication
  • ISDN signalling
  • BRI

The Bridgei2p has one data channel and 2 that are bearer channels. Each one of this channel works at 64kbps. This makes up a total of 128kbps which makes it useful for various kinds of applications. These include;

  • Video conferencing
  • ISDN signalling
  • Internet access at high speed
  • Data Transfer
  • Voice communication that is secured
  • What you receive
  • CLIP
  • Polarity reversal
  • Dynamic channels
  • Numbering plans that are logical
  • Digital trunks that are highly secured
  • Direct lines
  • Pilot line hunting
  • Benefits for user
  • Fast connect times
  • High quality digital voice call experience
  • Inter-office networking
  • Plans that fit the needs of your business
  • simultaneous voice channels
  • Reliable connection
  • Caller ID information provided
  • Fast installation
  • Round the clock support.

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Who can use PRI as a solution?

There are several people who can benefit from Bridgei2p PRI Phone services. These include:

  • Individuals who are running a call center who deal with Automatic applications for call distribution.
  • An internet service provider who has a large number of users who make call out a lot of times
  • Someone who wants to manage their outgoing and incoming voice calls in manner that is cost effective
  • Anyone who has running applications that involve modem banks


  • 2 Way Channels- This are very important because they make it possible for the user to make calls to any person that is located within the country as well as receive calls from people located in the country.
  • Outgoing channels- With the Direct Outward Dialling, business offices can make calls to the outside world without facing any problems which makes running of business activities very easy.
  • Incoming Channels- With Direct Inward Dialling, people running office businesses are able to receive calls from the outside world without any problems. This is another thing that makes running of business very easy and effective.
  • Pilot number- The pilot number is very important since it enables each and every user to have just a single number for the purpose of billing and board line. This makes it easy to remember since you only have to remember a single number.
  • Direct Number- This is where each and every employee gets a single number from which they can be called by different people.
  • PRI signalling- video, voice and data applications use this feature. It is therefore very important in each and every premise that has such applications.

Bridgei2p USP and benefits

Single Bill for multiple locations- Bridgei2p is capable of providing a single bill across the country. This includes services on wire line in multiple locations within the country.

Board number that is similar- This is a feature that makes it possible for you to have a board number that is not only local but also very unique and similar. This allows you to give different people the same number making it easy for them to contact you at any time. This is very important both for personal and business purposes since it makes connecting with different people very fast and easy. It is one of the features that make having a PRI phone system very important.

National Pooling for voice services- This feature enables you to pool the minute usage across the rate plans. This is very important for every user because it makes it possible to adjust and cover less utilization for one product, location or service and at the same time utilizing another location product or service without having to lose or pay for additional value.

Digital Quality- We live in a digital world. For this reason, it only makes sense for your voice quality to be digital. A digital voice kind of quality is very important because it enables you to hear things loud and clear and also prevents unauthorized people from tapping since it is tamper proof. This is not only important for users but also very important for every person in business who makes and receives calls on a daily basis. The calls are not only protected from tapping, but the business communications are clear which makes running of the business easier.

Service availability is enhanced- Availability and performance of service is something that is very important when you are choosing a PRI phone service. This is because you need a PRI phone system that is stable and does not fail from time to time. This is why Bridgei2p are the best PRI service providers in Bangalore. Their performance and availability is highly reliable. They have a high quality fibre optic cable that has a ring architecture that enables quick fix to failure automatically.

Less wires- The other reason why Bridgei2p are the PRI service providers in Bangalore is the fact that they include very few wires in their PRI phone system. This not only makes it easy to manage and handle but also makes failures less prone to happening since there are no numerous wires required to make the system work as it should. This is therefore another reason you should consider this company when you are looking for PRI phone service providers.

Customer Testimonials

  • Bridgei2p has received very positive reviews from clients who have had the opportunity to seek and enjoy their services. People like the fact that they give high quality services and are professional at everything they do. According to customers, this company is committed, prompt and efficient when it comes to meeting all their customers’ needs. The reviewers believe that this is the best telecommunication company.
  • When looking for a PRI service provider, it is very important to go for a company that will offer you the best services and one whose services you can rely on at all times. Bridgei2p is that kind of company. They make it a priority to offer their clients the best kind of services at all times in order to ensure that customers are communicating effectively without any problems. If you are looking for a company that will not disappoint you in any way, Bridgei2p is the company you need.

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