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Bridgei2p provides premium quality global voice origination services combined with the largest international coverage of local, national, mobile and toll-free virtual numbers. With strong Telecom experience, global infrastructure and extensive knowledge of international regulations and carrier relations.

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Consideration 1 – Cost

Cost is always one of the most important considerations for any business. No matter how good a specific system or strategy may be it has to fit within your budget. The good news is that getting a DID number is actually cheaper than your current phone service, in most cases. Once you register, you will be charged a nominal activation fee and can select your suitable DID# package along with Unlimited dialing plans, if required.

Consideration 2 – Ease of implementation

If implementing something new into your business is time consuming and tedious, then the odds are you will not be as willing to move forward with it. However, registering with a DID service provider is easy. Everything can be done online by filling out the necessary personal and payment information.

Select the DID service that suits your business best

You can call up our sales team and they can help you setting up of your desired DID# at the earliest. You can provide the necessary information like your company details and release a PO and payment and you are all set to go. A confirmation email will be sent to your registered email ID regarding the activation of the DID Implementing a DID number into your business is that easy and will not take up much of your time.

Consideration 3 – Ease of cancellation

Opting out of a DID service is also painless. Since most of these companies offer it as a month-to-month service, you can cancel at anytime by providing an ample amount of notice. If you do decide to let your subscription expire, your registered number will be recycled, usually within two months of inactivity.

Consideration 4 – Service accessibility

Once you implement a service into your business, you want to have access to your service account. Most DID services companies will provide you with a personal page that gives you all the information and features necessary to manage and monitor your account? At your personal page you are able to see your account information, status, and call history. Therefore, you will be able to assess how the service is working for you.

Consideration 5 – Customization

One of the best features of DID services is that you have the option of entering the last 4 digits of the number of your choice. What a great option to personalize your number. However, if the number is already taken, the system will automatically provide you with 3 alternative numbers close to the number you chose from. This allows you to create vanity style numbers that are specific to your business and easy to remember.

DID and VOIP numbers

Telephone administrations can likewise be offered over broadband which is the place the VOIP numbers come into the picture. In the new VOIP world, DID numbers are as yet sparing the day for some organizations. Telephone administration suppliers offering the administration over IP locations should buy DID numbers. Nearby phone numbers and virtual telephone numbers consequently still make utilization of DID which is significantly more powerful.

The Benefits of DID Numbers

The most unmistakable DID advantage is that any individual gets an opportunity to call a telephone number or augmentation to associate with beneficiaries without the need to experience an administrator or a switchboard.

The organization likewise appreciates the advantage of not purchasing telephone lines that are mass for the sake of taking care of every approaching call. They have killed the need various physical lines for telephones.

One DID number can course and process a large number of calls all the while to the right expansions. This is something that was impractical to appreciate some time recently. Boundless number of expansions inside of an organization can have calls directed keeping up stand out DID number.


To have a DID number that is dynamic, you are required to have a working exchange line. The exchange line is the place the approaching calls will be sent to. Diverse organizations are currently offering the innovation and the telephone line utilized can be a wireless number, virtual telephone number or a landline relying upon the inclinations. The numbers have without a doubt made work less demanding for all organizations as far as expense and client administration enhancements.

Businesses with potentially hundreds or thousands of employees in the same office simply can’t afford to have so many lines coming in and out of the building. It’s not just the cost but it’s ineffective as well. So the telcos (starting with AT&T) developed a technology called “Direct Inward Dialing” or “DID” which allowed the same set of wires to be used for multiple phone lines. This required the business to take the responsibility of forwarding the number to the correct person and this was done using a PBX.

We’ve seen old movies where an attendant manually switches calls to the right person and over the years we’ve evolved to a system where all that can be done automatically. The telephone company lets the businesses PBX know the number it has to connect to by sending the last few digits to it which is unique to every employee within that business and the PBX connects it up automatically.

This has great relevance to VoIP which relies on tight integration with the PSTN network in order to function. At a technical level, every SIP VoIP user can be identified by their SIP address which goes something like “” – like an email address. But that’s not what regular users need to contact you and it’s certainly not what you’ll put up on your website. Like everybody else, you will need a regular telephone number which people can dial and which will ring your VoIP phone. This is nothing but the technology of Direct Inward Dialing or DID.

Strictly speaking, you don’t need DID in order to make a telephone call – only to receive it. But users won’t know whose calling if you call them directly from your VoIP phone without an associated number and that might put people off. In most cases you won’t even need to know about terms like “DID.” Your VoIP provider will give you a number automatically.

Our service provides DID numbers at low monthly costs with flexible channel and routing options. We have no minimum commitment requirements. This service has been designed to provide DID at wholesale pricing for any business capable of accepting IP peered calls.

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