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Possessing an international toll free number, can allow callers, from all over the world to reach out to your business, without having to pay for the call. Often these toll free numbers can be used as marketing tools and can engage customers and thus make it simpler for them to connect. That is why you should contact the international toll free numbers provider in Bangalore today for the best services. With the ever increasing rate of growth of businesses on the internet, most businesses have started to consider taking toll international toll free numbers as it is the ideal thing to do. It not only increases their customer base, but also helps to facilitate business.

Having international toll free numbers have made it easier for the businesses to serve those customers, who are way beyond their proximity.

International toll free number services

The international toll free number provider will provide services, which are available for you from at least 100 countries and more. We know that choosing an international toll free service provider, can be a difficult decision. That is why Bridgei2p make it simpler for you by giving you the most varied choices in terms of numbers and the most comprehensive prices to make sure that your phone keeps ringing and your business keeps booming. The services for offer are:

Efficient toll free calls via a traditional telephone line over a Public switched telephone network or to a cell phone.

International toll free numbers services to any location in the world. Amazing call routing facilities like call forwarding, call direct and time of the day routing.

If you look at the numbers behind international toll free numbers, you will understand that there are multiple advantages of having an international toll free number system. Surveys show that 90 % of American consumers usually use toll free numbers on a regular basis. 30% of customers are more prone to respond to advertisements with toll free numbers. Having toll free numbers can reduce product returns from customers by 50 %, by giving a customer a free way to resolve all his issues over the phone. Having International toll free numbers can be useful to connect all the Indian businesses with consumers in America, UK or Australia.

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Features of International toll free number service

With the purchase of any ITFS number from Bridgei2p, you are sure to receive features such as.

  • Call recording over the past 15 days.
  • Time of the day routing.
  • Call redirect
  • Call forwarding
  • Interactive voice response
  • Automatic call distribution

Moreover, your company is sure to receive many and diverse choices for the international toll free number services as well as highest quality ITFS type numbers. Our company even provides redundancy and failover, in case numbers are down. Don’t worry, you can be absolutely rest assured that your business will be online at all times and your customers will be able to reach you during all times.

How do International toll free number services work

There are two different ways in which international toll free number service connects calls to its customers:

If you own a good high speed data connection , all toll free number providers in Bangalore do is to forward the calls to the IP PBX phone type systems which have SIP support which is then already connected to the online internet connection .

In case you do not possess a very fast internet connection, it is possible to forward all calls to any and every mobile and the landline phone in the whole world, once you have successfully activated the international call forwarding feature in your designated account.

Considerations for getting this service

If you are a company based in India and possess customers’, clients and employees in other international locations then activating the international toll free number services is the thing for you.

In case your business involves carrying of voice traffic from international markets to Indian markets, then you should opt for this service.

If you are interested in carrier class delivery involving switched voice traffic consisting of high availability and an end to end redundancy.

Why should you get an international toll free number service?

Customer satisfaction: when you have an international toll free number service activated, it can make it easy for the customers to reach you whenever they have any particular query. That is why having a toll free number can be beneficial to improve satisfaction and hence create personal relationships between the company and the client and generate leads.

Vanity Numbers: having vanity numbers in a company is beneficial because it makes remembering all the numbers very easy. It can help to generate leads in the process of advertising. It is an effective marketing tool to drive the sales through the roof.

Affordability: Nowadays, it is efficient and affordable for the small companies to set up a system of toll free numbers. Usually subscription rate types of toll free numbers are cheaper than regular phone services. You can receive cloud option or monthly plans which don’t necessarily need a contract.

Image: having an international toll free number can give you recognition and fame amongst a large market and can really help to expand your business by giving your clients the option to contact you at cost free ways.

Portability: With an international toll free number you can make your business portable. In case you need to change the location of your business ever, then having an international toll free number, where your clients can contact you is beneficial.

Marketing tool: having a toll free number is a great marketing tool. From it you can create extensions and expand your business in all possible ways.

Having an international toll free number service can really help your massive globally prevalent business appear to be located nearby to your target market. Also since there is no cost involved in contacting you, you will receive more calls from potential clients. Don’t let the lack of International toll free number service come in between you r business and your customers. Get international toll free number service today and hear your phones ring with news of business.

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