Each one of us utilizes in-home Wi-Fi, and Wi-Fi hotspots in coffee shops and restaurants, and most of us are moreover embracing mobile WiFi. The only requirement is a little ‘MiFi’ device (like a smartphone size-wise) which basically fits into your pocket–hence, it enables you to connect multiple devices simultaneously to a mobile broadband when on-the-go.

You will notice that every main network nowadays provides mobile hotspots, ranging from contractual terms and pay as you go billing. Prior to commencing the exploration, it is advisable to assess the signal strength of 3G dongles (or if possible 4G dongles) within the locations which you are traveling to. You may evaluate the coverage using network coverage checker; alternatively you can consult the people in your location.

Mobile WiFi Explained

Internet dongles are different and so does Internet dongle price. You’ve possibly heard of mobile broadband connectivity offered by USB modems; these resemble flash drives and are relatively low-cost and the commonest of all gadgets which you can access Internet services with. Shortened MiFi, mobile WiFi aim is also to grant you a mobile broadband Internet connection. However, the gadget is cutting-edge per se.

Rather than single computer connections through the USB ports, MiFi dongles transmit a wireless local area connection (WLAN) to all permitted users in the locale, enabling you to share mobile broadband with compatible devices.

We need to state the different names, for clarification purposes. Though notably called mobile WiFi, wireless Internet dongles can also be known by other names– pocket WiFi and MiFi dongles. Though it means a similar thing, however, MiFi is a registered trademark for Hutchison 3G mobile operator’s WiFi.

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Comparing Pocket WiFi Dongles and USB Dongles

Are you uncertain of the dongle to choose? We’ll explore the advantages and disadvantages of the two.

Pocket WiFi Advantages:

  • Compatible with all gadgets with WiFi feature: It allows your hardware access mobile broadband through devices such as tablets, consoles, and video games that are unsupported by dongles via USB connections.
  • Connecting Mobile broadband hassle-free: The limit of users supported simultaneously by pocket WiFi is five, though it is much on the latest models. It is a good choice when you are out and about with kith and kin; it’s also perfect connecting to a one mobile broadband network on vacation.
  • Simple installation: For drivers, it is quick; you only need to find a WiFi hotspot and type your PIN.

Pocket WiFi Disadvantages:

  • MiFi dongles offers are costlier compared to USB dongles: The setup includes advanced hardware thus driving the cost.
  • Less battery capacity: The standby time of the battery averages five hours but universal MicroUSB connectors enable stress-free recharging.
  • Relatively insecure: You must observe password policy as the strength of your WiFi PIN determines your security. Also note that other users in the same connection can ably eavesdrop.

USB dongles Advantages:

  • Low-priced: Based on the Internet dongle price, USB dongles are the most economical approaches to accessing Internet on-the-go. You can get them at no cost depending with the contractual terms and pocket-friendly pay-and-go billing.
  • Safety: These dongles link one computer at once; moreover, PIN protection guarantees security.

USB dongles disadvantages:

  • It cannot connect multiple computers: A little tweaking can allow you to share connections; the flip side is that it does not compare to Pocket WiFi.
  • Limited to particular OS: It does not allow you to share connections with any operating system except Windows and Mac PC. Supporting OS such as Linux proves troublesome.

Does WiFi dongle suit you?

Allowing you to share mobile broadband connections hassle-free and compatibility with virtually all hardware is the most notable merit. When you get the desire to share with users, this uncomplicated and laid-back approach makes it the go-to.

When you hit the road, WiFi dongles are suitable, especially if yours is a trailer home; if you are on the look-out for devices to offer in-vehicle WiFi, choose WiFi dongles and not USB dongles.

In case you have gadgets such as gaming consoles and smartphones which are not supported by USB dongles, you should go for WiFi dongles.

But if you need to share connections with one computer, the USB dongle option is cost-effective.

Swapping Fixed Line connection for Pocket WiFi

Mobile broadband technology has greatly evolved; there are 4G dongles in the market and the 3G dongles speed has been boosted. As such, between mobile WiFi and home broadband Internet, mobile WiFi is the better choice. Another reason why you should embrace mobile WiFi is if the home broadband Internet in your residential location is bad.

Pocket WiFi proves a better choice in this context. Incidentally, this is the norm in the West and locations enjoying strong 4G network. Another thing is that your mobile broadband connection is with you anywhere you travel to, plus it prevents you from problem of subscribing to yet another home broadband when you move to a new neighborhood.

You just need to be on the look-out for the maximum connections that you can share. Basically, WiFi dongles allow up to approximately five mobile broadband connections for any given time; this can be an inconvenience if your home environment is hectic. Of course you can share connections with extra users by resorting to the latest models.

What to know about Mobile WiFi

You are probably unsure of the pocket-friendly mobile WiFi offers to get. With new market entrants with new mobile WiFi offers, the maximum download allowed, contractual terms, and costs increases. Therefore, what’s the offer you’ll subscribe to?

The next part narrows the verdict down to five factors (and ‘others’ factor) in order to help your decision-making process. Presently, there’s no need to put the different WiFi gadgets into consideration, thus we recommend you decide according to your tariff.

  • Set-up: It’s principally the amount you will be charged for the MiFi dongle per se. Opting for a long-term contract will be less expensive in the long run, plus a bonus of free set-up. If it’s a short-term contract, your MiFi billing may reach 100 pounds. Once you are certain about the set-up and comfortable with the WiFi dongle providers in Bangalore, signing the long term contract plus uncharged hardware becomes a possible option.
  • Monthly rates: Basically, the contractual terms determine the pricing. You’ll pay more if your download limit is higher, while paying relatively lesser on long term offers. Make certain to subscribe to offers whose monthly billing is within your budget and consider tough financial moments since you must abide by the contract no matter what. If the billing is pay-and-go, your bill will cater for the actually used data, instead of a preset bill.
  • Contract length: Your MiFi offer may be month-long or up to two years. Your pledge may vary, according to various WiFi dongle providers in Bangalore. To restate, long term offers are cheap; furthermore, you may get freebies like MiFi gadgets, cost-free wireless access points (implies that you won’t have to exhaust your download limit in specific locations). Nevertheless, be certain you really need a long term prior to pledging. You’ve not signed any contract if you are on the pay-and-go offer whose billing is determined by the data downloaded instead of periodical restraint (note a specific time-frame may determined your data usage).
  • Downloading speed: It is the highest possible speed, determined by if it is 3G dongles or 4G dongles network and contractual terms and gadget, varies across WiFi dongle providers in Bangalore. Don’t take it literally; signal bars and traffic, and suchlike determine the real speed.
  • Download Limitation: Monthly limitation of your MiFi gadget and the pay-and-go billing determine. You need to consider these aspects in your decision-making process in regard to the MiFi package to choose because lesser download limits are cheap.
  • Others: Among incentives included in the MiFi package are mass SMS, low-priced products and services, or advice on the maximum gadgets connectable.

Mobile WiFi Setup

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Mobile WiFi Troubleshooting

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Real Time Mobile WiFi Analyzer:

Our on-demand computing mobile WiFi analyzer gives you a real time opportunity to know your WiFi users. It enables you to know the users’ IP addresses, the duration they have browsed, Internet pages visited, and general use.

On noting the user within your location in a specific moment, you are granted another marketing tactic. The clients presently within your location can receive texts from you, notifying them of your discounted products and services.

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