Enterprise Hosted VoIP Solutions:

To start, let’s talk about VoIP, what it stands for and what it entails. VoIP or voice over internet protocol is a form of software and hardware that normally consists of storing, sending and receiving voice information across the web using internet protocol instead of using the telephone analog lines. In essence, it allows you to perform any task over the phone by using the more secure internet rather than the insecure and rather expensive phone lines. The types of information that are normally passed through VoIP can be anything from simple conversations with coworkers to highly classified security details.

Why go with Bridgei2p?

If you’ve been searching for business VoIP services you may have noticed the vast and still-expanding list of companies that all offer their unique set of services and features, not unlike those of Bridgei2p. So, what is it about Bridgei2p and their enterprise VoIP solutions that place them above the rest? One might say it’s their unique and customer friendly VoIP features and benefits included in their everyday VoIP services. All VoIP services have their own set of features but Bridgei2p has gone the extra length in assuring a secure, professional, and consumer friendly environment.

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How Do they Do it?

The outstanding quality that has been mentioned stems from the features and benefits provided when working with Bridgei2p as an enterprise VoIP provider. All features and services are intended to make you telecommunications easier and more secure. Some Key features worth mentioning have been listed for your convenience, allowing Bridgei2p to remain one of the top enterprise VoIP providers Bangalore has to offer.



Security of information is no joke at Bridgei2p. The security at Bridgei2p adheres to a set of security and compliance standards that have been designed to mimic that of the federal standards. In our current era, internet and phone security is at a high risk than ever. Bridgei2p recognizes the security risks involved with the delivery of information and aims to prevent any and all security threats.

Virtual Office & Cloud Storage:

Bridgei2p has been giving consumers the opportunity to transition their location to a cloud-based communication platform that unifies communication features such as telephone enterprise services, SMS chat, audio, and web video. Nearly every form of technical communication can be conformed and utilized in the Bridgei2p platform

Communicate with Anyone at Any Time:

Once transitioned to a business VoIP service and unifying all your communication, the Bridgei2p platform enables the communication of connected employees, coworkers, clients, and consumers, at any given time. Inherently, this will enable you to collaborate with others with ease. The Bridgei2p platform provides businesses with the ability to connect on a deeper level with customers which can lead to future sales and business opportunities. The constant and secure contact between employees and customers has undoubtedly enhanced the communication workforce in ways that are unmatched by those who have chosen against VoIP services.

Easy to Learn & Easy to Use

Understanding that some people do share the same technical skill sets as others, Bridgei2p has developed a learning academy that provides educational resources pertaining to the use and operation of the different platforms. Live courses can be completed at the own pace of the student in order to provide them with the confidence to operate and experience everything the Bridgei2p platform has to offer.

Save Revenue:

Enhanced and secure communication between clients and employees is indeed important and necessary for business growth. All your success and growth may go unnoticed when a large chunk of your revenue is being used to pay phone bills and employee rates for operating the phones. By eliminating the use of a phone line for all types of telecommunications you will save thousands in operating costs and expenses.

Diversity Among Devices:

Utilizing the services at Bridgei2p can be accomplished on many different devices. Now, with a full range of IP phones the user will have access to the tools that will be of the most efficiency for the required job. Though the IP phones are very versatile and effective for any for of telecommunication, the need to use a telephone is no longer required. Optimize all your work and communications through any device of your choosing, PC, MAC, smartphone, or tablet.

Assure You’re Using the Latest Tools:

Bridgei2p has a growing range of IP phones and communication devices that have been designed and optimized to assure communication in any digital form is both user-friendly, and ergonomically efficient for the worker. Bridgei2p has developed a list of products such as IP desk phones, conference phones, headsets, and other communication devices for consumers to choose from.

So, Who Else is Using Bridgei2p?

The client base at Bridgei2p reaches around the globe. Services are not only for residents of Bangalore. Bridgei2p can take advantage of the cloud and offer services all tho require an elevated level of service in a VoIP enterprise. Millions of calls can be passed through the Bridgei2p platform every month, placing us at the top of the industry. It may be fair to say that millions of calls monthly have helped push Bridgei2p to the top but the aspect of the business that has been keeping them on the top is clearly the astonishing customer service and unbeatable security across the entire platform.

Quotes and Pricing Information:

Rates will often vary for different types and amounts of service, though, the rates are assured to always be comparable to the competition. The application for a price quote can be completed at the Bridgei2p website. If any consumers are interested in learning more about the Bridgei2p platform or wish to see it in action for themselves there is an option to schedule a demo to help consumers be 100% sure of the different services they require. Whether you are in the industry of healthcare, government, education, technology, legal services, transportation, or telecommunications in general, the bridge that Bridgei2p provides will take the telecommunications of your business and launch it to the next level.

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