Bridgei2p is a communication service provider that shows great dedication in making communication much easier, especially with technological evolution. In the wake of VoIP services, Bridgei2p has not been left behind. We provide VoIP services for corporate, private and public purposes. In this article, we explore the role of Bridgei2p as residential VoIP service providers. This means that as residential VoIP service providers, the discussion falls within the scope of the use of personal VoIP services, typically within a home. But what exactly does VoIP mean?


VoIP is an acronym that stands for voice over internet protocol. To those who are not remotely interested in the world of information technology this may seem quite complicated, especially the second bit, but the concept is not beyond your grasp. The first two words are easy enough to understand. They indicate the transmission of voice through a certain path. But what path is this? Internet protocol. There lies the catch. In ordinary usage, the word protocol signifies order. The same case applies in the world of IT. Protocol when used in relation to communication technology means a set of rules used to allow orderly communication. Therefore when using personal VoIP service, the voice is transmitted over a protocol that is the same as the one used by the internet. So that rules out the necessity of the internet in VoIP communications. It’s just the protocols that have to be similar.

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Why Should You Use VoIP?

As is the case with technological advancements, they come to make life easier, with each new version of a service being better than its former version. The same is true for communication via telephones. The greatest advantage that VoIP phone systems have over traditional landlines is reduction in the cost of calling, but that is only the first of numerous other advantages of using VoIP.

Personal VoIP service has proven to be of exceptional economic advantage. Compared to traditional landlines, personal VoIP service will help cut communication expenses at your home by about 50%. This is made possible because of how data is received when using VoIP services. Moreover, VoIP service providers do not worry much about taxes, service charges and other fees. This means that they are not worried about squeezing the very last coin they can from you as they do not lay down the law on how much a call will cost, and especially because they do not incur so much cost from making the calls go through. Therefore because of the low cost of communication availed by the use of VoIP technology, VoIP consumers increase exponentially with time. Additionally, VoIP providers, depending on your choice of VoIP home service providers, will occasionally offer you discounts, which further reduces the cost of making calls.

Another reason why you need to ditch the traditional landlines for VoIP communication services is the availability of additional high end features that are nearly impossible to use using the traditional telephones. Thanks to the way that VoIP enabled phones receive data, they can offer this services at no cost. These services include but are not limited to call forwarding, call waiting, caller ID, voicemail, address book, 3 way calling, virtual second line, 3 way calling among others. All these for free! You really should jump at such an opportunity when it so evidently avails itself.

VoIP services also have another advantage that you simply can’t overlook: cheap international calls. Using normal phones makes making international calls a very exclusive affair. In fact you would rather use all other communication channels besides calling, such as texting or email when you want to reach someone on the other side of the globe. You can only call as a last resort, when all else has failed. This is certainly a gap that needed to be filled, and VoIP services rose gracefully to the occasion. You see as with all other information that is transmitted over the internet, it costs the same price to transmit that information regardless of your location. It can simply be accessed by the entire world, and distance plays no significant role in its reception. The same is true about international calls made over VoIP. Nothing spells convenience and economic advantage better.

How Do You Choose a VoIP home Provider?

There are many companies that offer residential VoIP services; so many that you could be left at a complete loss especially if you are just about to switch to VoIP telephone services. So how do you choose?

First of all, do your research and do it well. Compare the prices of different companies that are offering the service, and choose the one that best suits you. Also, don’t just settle for price. How good is this company’s customer service? The best way to know this is to look for how the customers of that company rate it. For even more feedback, visit their social media pages and find out what customers are saying about the VoIP service provider you are considering.

Additionally, check out what VoIP equipment the company has to offer, and their prices. There are companies whose equipment is a bit expensive and some that offer it free but make up for it by higher service charges. Also, there are companies that have IP enabled phones, those that connect to the internet via a modem, and those that use a VoIP adapter to connect to the internet. Choose wisely whichever suits your taste best.

Also, be sure to know the internet connectivity of the service provider you are choosing. Ideally, the slowest connectivity should not go below 3mbps. The slower the connectivity the poorer the communication experience or sometimes, no communication can take place.So before you engage yourself with VoIP service providers, be sure to familiarize yourself with these facts.

In a world such as ours, where you can never pinpoint what better things technology can bring, it is important to take advantage of whatever benefits technology currently has to offer. And VoIP service is one of those benefits you simply can’t ignore. So grab the opportunity today and join Bridgei2p to enjoy their excellent services.

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