Cloud Hosted PBX is Here to Stay – as long as Telephones do Anyway

Wanatel’s Cloud PBX or Private Branch Exchange is a telephone operating system used in companies and organisations to communicate internally and externally, using the latest telephone technology. Wanatel are a proud company who utilize the latest phone technology in order to bring you a product that is the best of its kind and yet very affordable.With a VoIP or Voice-Over Internet-Protocol, the cloud hosted PBX is still yet to become just another trend, fad or craze in this ever changing technological age. In this computer age companies find themselves tiptoeing through all of the different products available, scared to commit to technology untried or untested which may be obsolete tomorrow.

cloud hosted pbxThe impressive thing with Wanatel’s Cloud hosted PBX, is that it is here to stay – as long as the telephone does. You are not going to suddenly need special software expensively purchased or updated while using Wanatel. Just like apps are kept updated, Wanatel keeps your system free from glitches with regular servicing without your company or organisation even being aware of behind the scene upgrades. Wanatel’s Cloud PBX solution allows for changes that literally take minutes. Your company or organisation’s productivity will therefore be unaffected. Wanatel also continues to evolve its Cloud PBX solution, enabling easy management and effectiveness. As they say, “Time is money,” and not only does the time Wanatel take to maintain equipment, run the system and update your system continually, save it for you – their VoIP hosted PBX allows you-to make-cheaper telephone calls-via the-internet, which reduces one’s phone-bill by up to 40%.

This full-featured-Unified Communications-(UC) solution is also certain to improve your global business opportunities.Another selling point is that there is no need for serious capital to put in servers or systems either. What is more is that Wanatel only need two to three days to get things set up and the change-over is seamless.

Wanatel’s Cloud hosted PBX gives you the expected auto attendant, voicemail, call forwarding, call recording and call management and more. The call quality analysis tool is also useful.Give them a call to see if their incredibly affordable opportunity is one for you – they don’t even insist on long term contracts.

Wanatel has addressed a number of questions and frustrations customers have had whilst using other hosted PBX solutions. They pride themselves on evolving the cloud hosted PBX to improve on their product, enabling efficiency and therefore making it user friendly.So, do yourself a favor and focus on your business – not on your phones!