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One of the best ways in which you can minimize expenses of any small business is by handling your communication needs with VoIP. It is however very important to go for the best VoIP service provider who can both fit your needs and is also within your budget. Some of the things that should be considered when selecting one include;

Functionality, Cost,The phone features that can fit a small business (e.g. the headset support, number of lines that the phones can support, power over Ethernet etc).

There are several IP phones out there and below are a few that are simple but are under $100;

1) Cisco SPA 303


This Cisco’s higher model is not only cost friendly, it is also very effective. It comes with the following features;
Intercom paging Call park & un park and call swap Automatic redial Multiparty conferencing Call waiting10 customizable ring tones.  Its 2.5mm jack is what makes it work with almost any standard headset.

2) Grandstream GXP1630

business ip phone Grandstream GXP1630

This is a powerful IP phone that has been designed specifically for small business. It comes with features like;
3 lines & 3 programmable buttons 4 way conferencing A 132×64 backlit LCD screen Integrated PoE Dual Ethernet ports for faster connection. All these features make it a versatile, high quality dependable office phone.

3) Grandstream GXP2130

Grandstream GXP2130  IP Phones for small business owners

This is a great IP phone that comes with 3 lines and four way voice conferencing. Its other features include;

  1. Electronic hook switch USB jack for headsets Dual gigabite Ethernet port Great HD audio quality on the speaker phone and on the handset Advanced security privacy among others.
  2. It is ideal for small businesses VoIP Phones  and it perfectly fits the needs of users looking for a great IP phone with advanced functionality and is
  3. easy to use.

4) Yealink SIP T4IP

Yealink SIP T4IP

This is a powerful IP phone that has a great elegant design. It comes with;
a six line support,XML browser, headset & electronic hook support, a 2.7’’ LCD display.
Additionally, it has a phone locking system that enables you to protect your privacy. These and other great features make it one of the best IP desk phones.

5) Polycom VVX300

Polycom VVX300

The VVX300 can do everything you need from a phone and unlike the 201, it comes with some extra features. Some of these features include;
6 lines-making it a great choice for offices with multiple lines that often go off at once Integration with third party web-based apps via open APIs.

6) Polycom SoundPoint IP 321

Polycom SoundPoint IP 321

This is a 2 line phone that provides cost effective solutions to employees that utilize hard desktop phone together with a soft phone clients on their PC. Some of its features include; call hold, transfer, park, pick-up as well as a three way conferencing. It also has call/bridged line appearance and a built-in XML micro browser.

7) Panasonic KX-HDV130

Panasonic KX-HDV130

This IP phone comes with two programmable keys, 2 line support, dual Ethernet ports, up to 500 phone book, 3-way conference call support among others. It will do a great job for a basic 2 line desk phone.

Where to Purchase:

The IP phones mentioned above are not only affordable, they are also very efficient. If you have been planning to purchase IP phones for your business, this is the time. You can purchase any of the above products from The company is a VoIP phone services & equipment provider. does not only provide quality products and services, their full setup costs are also free of charge. Visit the website right now & place an order and you can be sure to get value for your money.

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